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Assembly Capital Partners was set up to provide investment advice to private partnerships investing in early stage FinTech companies.  Professional investors or relevant companies looking for investment should visit the regulated section of this site.

Today, Assembly Capital Partners, outside of its regulated activities, offers its expertise in a number of ways.  An extraordinary range of experience by business model and geography allows us to act as Board members, C-suite advisors and consultants as well as taking on short-term executive positions.  Experience of managing large teams in multiple businesses, with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds informs our advice on recruiting, managing and growing the best people for your business.  With a heritage in global financial markets the team are especially knowledgeable and networked in financial services, markets, investment across asset classes and capital structure optimization.

We are highly selective in choosing the firms with which we work and, once we are involved, highly committed.


Decades of financial markets experience

Michael Baptista

Few people set up successful venture businesses without having worked previously in a VC firm. In 2018, after a long career in investment banking, and having worked in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Michael founded Assembly Capital Partners. This unusual path means he shares a great deal with Founders of growth firms. At the same time, he brings to their businesses the knowledge and networks from his prior investment banking experience.  This ranged from being an equity analyst covering banks to running research departments and heading an equities business. He has managed large, multi-location, multi-cultural teams and was an ExCo member for the Markets business of a globally significant FI.

Michael grew up in London and lived and worked in Paris, Rome, Tokyo and Hong Kong before returning home. He has an unusually wide range of interests and holds degrees from the University of Oxford and from the University of London in English Literature (BA), Philosophy (MA) and Classics (BA July 2023). 

David Shannon

Macro, trading and risk meets venture capital. David has over thirty years of experience in trading, risk management and private investment.  He has run investment bank trading businesses across a range of asset classes on both a regional and global basis, including ten years based in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.  He set up the Asian office of a large established hedge fund.  Most recently in banking he was Head of Market Risk at a leading investment bank. Since setting up Assembly in 2018, he has always looked to filter out the considerable fiction in the venture space from the facts.

David holds an MEng in Manufacturing Sciences and Engineering.

Our Offering.

Experience that is wide and deep

  • Public and private markets

  • Insight, support, challenge

  • Macro economics and products

  • Viewpoint as equity analyst

  • An insider outside view

  • Fund boards


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